About Us

aboutToday’s dynamic financial markets are increasingly characterised by confounding variables and volatility, while new investment opportunities are being created every day.  In such complex times, an independent, professional partner with long-term financial experience is vitally important.

Fleur Capital is a boutique fund management firm serving high net worth individuals and institutions in Asia.  It forms strategy-specific funds that are tailored to the needs of high net worth individuals, financial institutions and corporate clients.  Fleur Capital focuses on investments in private equity, real estate, pre-IPO, as well as companies in special situations, and turnarounds companies which have financial or operational difficulties.  Fleur Capital aims for strong investment performance through new thinking, global perspectives and first-hand research across diverse asset classes.


Incorporated in 2007, Fleur Capital is an independent fund management firm.  The company is a Registered Fund Management Company on the Financial Institutions Directory of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.  It is headed by Mr Yap Chee Wee and Mr Michael Khoon, both of whom have had more than 15 years of experience in venture capital, private equity, IPO and corporate advisory.

Fleur Capital differentiates itself from the other investment firms by having a laser focus on the singular mission of delivering exceptional returns for its investors.  Applying an analytically rigorous and data-focused approach, while leveraging the deep knowledge and expertise of its network of experts as an invaluable source of insights, Fleur Capital enhances the successful implementation of exclusive investment opportunities that optimize risk/return tradeoffs.  In providing advice on asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction through advisory relationships and discretionary strategies, Fleur Capital is dedicated to a strong emphasis in research and empirical studies to ensure a rational and consistent investment decision process.

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