Our Funds


Fleur I Limited Partnership

Fleur I aims to maximize capital appreciation over the medium term by investing in growth stage private companies in the technology sector.  The fund has invested in a Singapore-based cloud services company, which provides IT back-up solutions to companies in Asia.

Fleur Growth Fund Limited

Fleur Growth Fund is a special situation private equity fund that invests in a Chinese company listed on SGX.  The investment objective of the fund is to maximize capital appreciation over a medium term by turning around a S-chip company with established business model but has been entangled in some corporate governance issues.

Fleur Infinite Fund

Fleur Infinite Fund, a closed-end private equity fund, invests in unlisted private companies during the pre-IPO and/or IPO placement investment stage.  It endeavours to achieve good returns from such investments that exhibit attractive growth prospects.

Fleur Asia Fund

Fleur Asia Fund seeks attractive long-term, risk-adjusted returns by investing in undervalued quoted equities that are trading at significant discounts to their intrinsic value. The fund endeavours to pick out under-researched listed SME investment targets available at steeply discounted prices with a significant margin of safety.

Wisdom Fleur Australia Real Estate Fund I

Wisdom Fleur Australia Real Estate Fund I’s focus is on prime suburban multi-family residential development projects and dominant commercial assets with high potential for value enhancements in Australia. The fund provides investors with superior total return on a risk-adjusted basis through direct joint ventures with strong operating partners who have deep, local expertise to de-risk development and enhance return. The fund will create and structure exclusive partnerships with best-in-class partners to increase the value of its underlying portfolio through good planning, re-positioning/re-tenanting/refurbishing and intensive hands-on asset management.

Fleur Real Estate Opportunities Fund

Fleur Real Estate Opportunities Fund seeks to invest in real estate-related projects that are designed to achieve attractive total return on a risk-adjusted basis for its investors. The fund endeavours to capitalize on the distressed property market conditions in Singapore and build a tax-efficient portfolio of underlying high-end property assets.

Fleur Excelon Commodities Fund

Fleur Excelon Commodities Fund seeks to capture the performance potential of certain London Metal Exchange-traded commodities through interest rate arbitrage strategy. The fund collateralises the quintessential counter-party exposure with an asset-pledged arrangement. Investors enjoy low risk and uniformly good annual returns as the fund has an underwriting-support from an anchor investor.

Fleur Excelon China Strategic USD Bond Fund

Fleur Excelon China Strategic USD Bond Fund seeks to generate a set target return from investing in a portfolio of U.S. dollar denominated fixed income securities issued by companies majority-owned or ultimately beneficially owned by the Government of the People’s Republic of China or its related entities, or Chinese companies or Chinese nationals.


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